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tv   Headline News  RT  April 22, 2013 1:00pm-1:29pm EDT

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the questions put to him by authorities nineteen year olds yorkers had knives in intensive care and the god after he was severely wounded in the throat in a shootout with police investigators task now is to establish why an american citizen and his brother could have allegedly committed the deadly boston marathon attack and if they were accomplices of his innocence or choke on it reports from boston. we're not hearing any details officials are not revealing any details in terms of the answers that is giving them course all of this comes after he was arrested friday night after a mass lockdown took place in boston after a unprecedented manhunt that took place here and a several hour shootout between law enforcement and this nineteen year old suspect we do know that he suffered injuries to his throat and was unable to speak and this is precisely what officials have been waiting for to be able to communicate with him to find out the motives to the boston bombings as well as the participation of any per possible further accomplices apart from the two brothers that have been
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hunted by a officials here throughout the week nineteen year old dzhokhar and twenty six year old to milan and of course we have to note that the miranda rights officer and i have have been revoked the rights and he has to remain silent as well as a right to a lawyer are being denied to him because officials are interested in being able to question him without being able to use this right and the fact that his miranda rights have been revoked is receiving major criticism throughout the united states and causing really a lot of debate between certain politicians and civil rights groups as we do know back in two thousand and eleven the f.b.i. did receive a request from a foreign government this is russia's government that said that they should look into the identity of the older brother the older suspect to milan and the f.b.i. did in fact bring to milan in for questioning but did come to a conclusion that he is not dangerous and did end up freeing him and of course because the f.b.i. right now is being criticized for this they're going to trace their steps back look into what exactly they could have missed but also try to establish right now with
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the second suspect being alive whether the two brothers had any kind of connection to extremist groups that they might have overlooked two years ago and in the time in the years and days leading up to the bombings that took place here in boston also of course they're going to consider and look into the purposes of the trip that the older. brother to milan when he went back to the north caucasus for about six months they're going to try to see whether or not this time was used for him to be able to communicate with extremist groups on the ground and stacy. boston massachusetts all relatives and friends of the family serve the older brother kept a low profile during his trip to the north caucuses last year and that he didn't seem like a religious fanatic the time the father of the alleged bombers says he will now travel from russia to the u.s. this week on a quest to try to find the truth himself in that he has lots of questions for american police corresponded a question of his in the darkest and republic to learn more about the scenario.
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really almost anyone who has any links with a to have a nice family is really in deep shock after what happened both relatives and friends now the brothers parents stopped talking to the media assets early saturday but i managed to speak to a close relative of the family now her name is price you must be money and he was she was married to the boy's uncle now she told me how really tragic and difficult the life of the family was and that for years they had been moving from one place to another as the father couldn't find a proper job and they've moved twice from kyrgyzstan's first to church now than to dagestan were they span just a bit over a year and till they moved to the united states in two thousand and two she even showed us some pictures that we're taking during that time pictures that captured both brothers in their early trials of women in one picture the older brother is just a bit over a year old now she spent a lot of time with time evelyn when he came here to dagestan last year to visit his
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parents and she describes him as a very family loving and caring young man and when i asked her whether he expressed any x. her interest in this she told me that his interest was never overwhelming. the middle and wasn't a religious fanatic he was curious about religion he started to be really interested in islam about three years ago but he was never a radical we would talk about his commitment to religion but it wasn't extreme it was really hard for her to speak she told me that. the younger brother was planning to come here to dagestan this may and now their father plans a trip to the united states to bury his son to medal and so as for many here if she couldn't the woman couldn't really believe that they were involved in the tragedy. it's impossible to believe that they could have carried it out just impossible it's
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terrible. believe it their children who respected their parents a lot time alone was very attentive to older people to spam for him have been was of use mother's feet both parents mobile phones are switched off or rarely own line and it's really impossible to reach them but i have since managed to speak to the mother of the two brothers and kept repeating their first answer in this and she also mentioned that her eldest son tamerlan was under constant surveillance for years when both parents before mentioned that come along told them that the i'll be i can talk to him right after the boston bombings and ask him for questioning however the i'll be or the i'll be a later denied that information now as for the father i spoke with him also in a telephone conversation just yesterday and he told me that he doesn't want to talk to any media right now so really dozens of journalists from all over the world is that how descended on this region hope that the man's family will speak and
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eventually shed some light to how their boys and up the main suspects in the boston terrorist attack will be watching that report until it has been a development as well on this story the past few minutes we expect in this line all day but now it's coming we're hearing that charges have been filed against the surviving suspect of the boston bombings. can. you speak at the moment is having difficulty in a way because the injuries to his throat as a so the latest one we've got my eye was the charges have been filed against the younger brother the nineteen year old details of those charges are not yet clear. to revelations of the the suspects chechen origins the u.s. wasted no time in shifting the focus to groups in russia's north caucasus region but i'm going to have previously been betrayed in the west as freedom fighters are now seen as merciless terrorists. starr said believes american attitudes to church could explain the f.b.i.'s failure to take action before after russia wounded two
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years ago about the older brother. there's a number of issues here one is that either it's gross incompetence by the f.b.i. english case some heads have to roll and why did this take place how did these guys get in under the radar. but also that they were pointed out by the russian authorities to the u.s. so it's not that they were known it's not like they didn't register so the people who know so it could be gross incompetence for not taking the threat seriously the f.b.i. could be saying look at these guys a chechen they could be a threat to the russian but he did not a threat to us so there's a number of issues here there's also the issue of look maybe the f.b.i. just thought you know what these guys are experienced but they really don't pose much of a threat we don't see them doing anything so there's a number of issues here i think in the coming weeks and months we're going to find out the answers. the u.s. may be changing its move towards chechen militants amid suspicions they may be connected to the boston bombings put things were different just a few years ago when it was quite willing to see some of them on its soil back in
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two thousand and four american authorities granted political asylum to key chechen extremists made off spider warning from russia then that he had links to the region's terrorists and after the dramatic manhunt for the brothers the still plenty of uncertainty surrounding the case no doubt see dot com our web site we've got opinion piece lined up for you pointing out several glaring inconsistency in the official account of the standoff with the suspects who want to check it out for yourself if you get a minute we invite you to go to r.t. dot com. exercise serbia has moved a step closer to joining the european union after the commission recommended starting talks on membership that decision comes in the wake of belgrade approving a deal with its breakaway territory course of the agreement spain fearing the serbs some of whom branded it treason thousands turned out in belgrade a protest against the deal it grants kristina's ethnic albanian leadership control over kosovo while said we are minorities will be granted autonomy is within the territory of the of foreign affairs editor serbian public t.v.
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told us the issue of kosovo has become a bargaining chip exception talks. even though serbia wanted that also but not to become bargaining chip that was not what brussels had in mind and needs in particular some major members of the european union like germany they clearly. either you make a deal with cost of all or you will never. continue your road towards the european union. that the. union. members will fight. for how they will deal with it remains to be seen but indeed european union is on solving that issue because they have been very much in control. they fought for secure. like members of nato to secure independence of course where they're not going to give up now. while some countries buy another door to get into the e.u.
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others are funny with memberships rules a driver the human to desperate measures as we find out greece is up for grabs it seems with the largest fire sale in history from pristine coastlines to ancient palaces all just to keep its economy afloat he says about that coming up very shortly tonight. but next to moscow of course put the head of a british investment firm on an international wanted list and they should arrest warrant to william browder from the hermitage capital investment fund is also the former boss of the late russian moister good magnitsky died in prison while being held on tax evasion charges let's get more from artie's correspondent corpuscle of it either tell us a little bit more about these charges what's actually being looted is dorian well we do know about william browder from the controversial hermitage capital fund story he is former head he is suspected of not being around seventeen million dollars worth of taxes it is the same case which involved. work for the fund but
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he died in prison before a court could make a decision on this case but he was also suspected of taking part in these alleged illegal activities overseen by mr browder but actually now he's been put on the international wanted list in connection to a whole other story he's suspected of illegally purchasing through various criminal schemes around one one hundred million dollars worth of shares of russia's energy giant gazprom and under russian law a foreign companies are prohibited from buying such shares and he's also suspected of trying to infiltrate the company changing things inside including changing its charter and what are the chances that he will actually get to a court here in russia or indeed any time soon be convicted well one of the reasons behind him being put on the internet. the wanted list is that the previous court hearings were held without without him actually there present and the other reason is that the prosecution believes that he could apply pressure on some of the
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witnesses so well now that he has been put on the list it's logical to expect that interpol will get involved it's also logical to expect for moscow to ask for his extradition but here there is a problem of the complicated relationship between russia and the u.k. in that sense for instance a former church militant leader of london denied his extradition to russia several times to the same goes for the recently deceased bodies because last you saw it's very unlikely that london will cooperate with moscow in that sense when it comes to william browder but the fact that the man is already on the international wanted list has to mean something of course when you go person all things that. had to stay with us much more news to come it's no twenty one forty no on the but moscow time more international news is what after this quick break.
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the book about international airport in the very heart of moscow. going to go on fire and i shop in western russia killing at least six people including two girls aged fourteen and sixteen aunties or an english girl reports. well you know at this point to the thirty two year old sergey paul was doing is has apparently been holed up in the in the sun sort of a space as supposedly a round. eight car market in the town of belgrade and the police special task force at this point are preparing to storm his hideout in order to apprehend him now this all started just several hours ago when this thirty two year old suspect has opened literally started a bloody massacre in the center off of the russian town killing six people three people shot inside the funding store and then he went outside according to reports
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and shot three more passer bys among them two teenage girls now at this point we're also being told by the police that his father has been brought in for questioning his father has also variously served time for various criminal offenses in fact it's important to note that the suspect himself has just been released from prison last year where he was out on charges for robbery as well as assault on a police official and of course we're waiting for that for the results coming from for the results from the police coming in from belgrade as they prepared to storm this man's hideout. the trojan bogo to including eyewitness pictures and accounts and for you to head to a web site to go home. next from ancient palaces to taught all of this greece selling off seventeen thousand lots of state assets to try to wage kushner of rick it's been described as the largest fire sale in history but it's vital to getting
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the next financial injection for the country's creditors and there are no limits it seems on the prime minister's appetite either as one greek filmmaker told us. we have a soaring unemployment that in a few months we reach thirty percent and we have people committing suicide in the streets we have homeless all around campus so we're living in a humanitarian crisis that we haven't seen since i would say the second world war the economic elites that actually control the greek government at least some point to what i imagine the c b droid wanted to do now that the real now is that there is a problem that we cannot continue with this just there in the policy unfortunately the same field doesn't happen for the greek government that leads me or there is coming from brussels or are or believe. the deceit of the relation that if you don't accept these are staring before you see. everything we pull out in
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a few days or a few hours the country should default and probably even exit the eurozone drawing doesn't understand this because troika and especially a method europeans are not about the just here to save big financial institutions and b. banks don't pay attention to the relation. or citizens just over having their public assets sold off to help banks rather than the actual public the country's minerals are also welcome to be exploited too by the highest bidder and the fear of that is this time more about in college even economy as time bombs been falling out for us . protest in paradise the cause proposals to expand gold mines here were on a mountain road near the village of star tony in northern greece there were the protesters who lodged in their position against the mine here further on the mountain road the riot police blocking them from getting to the village this process is just one of those showing the intensity of feeling surrounding the
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subject here greece's kalki did keep an insular is renown of my forests for its take but it also contains precious metals which canada's eldorado gold corporation wants to extract but split the region in yet its source locals want to protect their traditional trades. mining activity is the worst that could happen to this area mining and beekeeping cannot co-exist. and protect the health and environment that i'm in panic because the mining will destroy our clean air and clean water part of the problem is the process used to extract and purify gold and other metals which critics say will lead contamination by cyanide and other chemicals as we travel up into the hills where forest has already been cleared the mining company security trails us then persuades alert the police up to stock up your. security and locals are going to keep the physics technical they don't want
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us to film we want to pass honest public we're going to but i thought this show was about attention to tween the locals and whining because but yeah they get the. tensions indeed the locals have destroyed some of the company's heavy machinery and ransacked the police station police have raided homes in the middle of the night to arrest suspects and fired tear gas at protesters but there is as much support for eldorado here is criticism both from the government and other villages whose mining populations welcome the possibility of thousands of extra jobs at a time of deep recession around half of the nearby villages of. throw mine deep critical of anti mining protesters. you these people who are unemployed cause many problems by telling lies their only purpose is to shut the mines down in fact they want nothing they don't want any development or. eldorado gold refused to talk to but they say they won't be leaving the area. locals in a year
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a source say they won't let mining go ahead without a fight with it if they do loose they will be leaving this corner of greece that they love so much tom bottom r.t. a couple more top world news headlines for you now there's no sign of the angry protests sending in new delhi where hundreds of people have been rallying for a third day over the police conduct after the rape of a five year old officer accused of ignoring the girl's parents when they reported missing the child's condition said to be slightly improving the second man has been arrested over the assault there are regular protests over the authorities failure to clamp down on attacks against women. the turkish transport helicopter with at least eleven civilians on boards being forced to make an emergency landing in a taliban controlled area of eastern afghanistan the insurgents then took all those on board hostage nato has confirmed that the helicopter went down on monday and there's a search operation is now underway. it's been ten months
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since julian a sangean to the ecuadorian embassy in london seeking asylum and he stayed holed up there ever since with ecuador and the u.k. locked in a diplomatic standoff over how to deal with the sand the cost of policing the sites continuing them out there for u.k.'s seven extraditing the world's best now whistleblower to sweden for questioning over sexual assault allegations meanwhile artie's police boyko got a rare chance to talk to a savage. one thing that's got the man excited is politics as many of you will know he's making a bid for the australian senate there's now a wiki leaks ponty that stands for truthfulness in the free flow of information and when our studio songs about how he sees this chances at getting into the senate he actually mentioned that he's got quite a considerable interest in both him and the wiki leaks party and in terms of political goals of science is very clear he says he wants to put a stop to the u.s. corruption in north korea so let's take a listen to him elaborating on that point for me was that bob carr was a u.s.
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embassy informant even back in the one nine hundred seventy s. even when he was a member of what senior member of the new south wales. term prime minister julia gillard who rolled to the sitting prime minister can rub it happened in part because she sent a voice to the us embassy base but to ask you to stop there's a constant back and forth in this year long sort of preparation. where she was gracious himself with various parties very recently there have been reports that ecuadorian diplomats in the meeting with the labor party in the u.k. right she raised the issue of julian assange perhaps in an attempt to get a guarantee of safe passage for julian assange orange in case labor does come to power after the general elections in twenty fifteen but when i asked just about say he was quite skeptical he told me that he doesn't really think that there is going
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to be a change in the situation depending on which have a political party is in power in the u.k. the united kingdom is. a nation that you're politically of institutions are more for my six central bank so this is more. control. to behave. in the media. and elected representatives simply represent. we represent the forces to exist but these institutions when i speak to you to sarge actually according to him he said that the cost of policing the embassy is tipping four million pounds now and actually while we were filming outside the building i got chatting to some of the officers on duty and they were unusually frank williams the officer about how he feels about the cost of policing the area you could sense a bit of frustration and said that you know all this money is going on watching one
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man when there are very crippling budget cuts taking place to police forces across the u.k. . boy there we're just couple minutes away for a look at the week's latest sporting highlights on my program it and i thought the international was. playing. well with. science technology innovation called the least developed from around russia we've got the future covered. emission free accreditation free transport chargers free. range month free. free studio time free. download free broadcast plug in video for your media
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i. download the official publication yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch artsy anytime anywhere. hello welcome to the r.t. sports show twenty six minutes of sporting action from russia and around the world
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would make a partridge and here's some of what's to come. title chasing latest test caps not a love two two draw with sparta but zany to cut the lead to four points as the title race hots up the russian premier li. plus making history russia become the first team to fight back from to kneel down in the fed cup semifinals after stunning slovakia three two. thousand marching on tesco reached the semifinals of the euro leg with a three one series victory over caliber out round madrid are also strange. but let's kick off with the russian premier league where the title race is hotting up after tesco drew two two in a dubby thriller with spartak allowing the need to cut the gap to just four points with five matches to go because i didn't get out of reports. because a lead at the top was cut to four points after they are man for back from two goals
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down to draw two all despite missing a penalty in a thrilling moscow darby with spartak at the losing hysteria aiden mcgeady broke the deadlock for the visitors two minutes before the interval and are reminded to nearly minutes after it but the league leaders relative minutely forcing a penalty though wagner all of sport kick was saved yet in the seventy third minute plan is to. go back and have more sound target and dip in stoppage time to scout were awarded another penalty this time on the go and made no mistake to all though the result does see the red and whites leapfrog into a fourth. jenkins in the old fans hope celtic glowing over to one stoppage time victory at home to force the midfield a media than a stabbing home the vital goal to ensure zinni narrowed the gap at the top.